We make natural ice creams
with family tradition

About Kwality Ice Cream


It all started back in 1997. At the time, three big corporations dominated the ice cream market. But Kwality Ice cream had a dream to start as a different variations of ice cream manufacturing company - one that would deliver quality products at an affordable price, with a sophistication, that only an innovative company could provide.

Over the years, the demand for variety has kept us busy developing innovative new flavors and products. From classics like Vanilla and Chocolate, to our more creative flavors like Kheersa, Malai, Caramelo, Mango Max, Green Mango Chili, Ambrosia and Choclate Chips, we have created flavors for everyone. And, we've had fun creating different demographic ice cream, with a dream that everyone can enjoy our product.

Slowly we opened different distribution center in entire country to better serve our customers. Although Kwality Ice Cream has grown substantially, it is still firmly rooted in the community and deeply loyal to its employees.

Our distribution center in Dhaka can hold 2 lacs units of products - that's a lot of ice cream!!! Also, all the distribution center has a fully self-contained truck garage to maintain and wash over 25 trucks that deliver our products across Bangladesh.

As a part of celebration and occasion, we built our very own delivery system through we contact directly with our clients. Through this system anyone can place an order for any ice cream and that product will be home delivered in 12 hours. With a fully contained building in all our depot, we are always improvising and trying our best to provide best supply chain management to reach every corner.

We work closely with BSTI, ensuring highest food standard and our company is ISO 9001-2001 certified, means there'll be no compromise to our quality, taste and flavor.

Today, Kwality is one of the largest independent ice cream company, with the Sanowara Group ensuring the same commitment to high quality and great value ice cream. It's a divine combination of all this, that makes us, and the people who make it, perfect - for the kid in all of us. No one else does it quite our way.

With our logo placed proudly on every package, Our products are enjoyed by families from time to time across Bangladesh. With 35% market share our Ice cream is one of the market leaders. Thanks to the ongoing support of loyal customers like you, the Kwality dream is thriving and each day it's closer to the reality. Thanks Again